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We are so excited today to be releasing our new song and video "LOSS"!! It has been 3 years since we have released anything new so this has been a long time coming but it is the perfect time! We have found a sound that comes so naturally and simply to us, it was such a neat experience recording this song, as we were very hands on with this project! Jarred has developed his skill set at production which has helped our project grow so strong as we are completely creating our vision exactly how we hear it! Sometimes it is so hard to explain to someone how you want it to sound, so to be able to just make it sound how you hear it is pretty awesome! We wrote this song so quickly,I had come home from brunch with a friend, Jarred was over and started playing the piano, I just started singing on top of it inspired by the conversation from brunch and before you know it we had a full song!! thank god for voice recorders to be able to go back listen and write it all out!! This song is about freedom, setting yourself free from taking handouts to just be under someones thumb, allowing yourself to put in the work of what can seem like suffering to achieve success, not allowing anyones opinions or judgement to hold you back from being completely you! There are times we need to let go of situations and people so that we grow and thats what this song to me summarizes! Sometimes songs just happen like this they just pour out like a champagne bottle exploding full of excitement and fun! Im lucky writing with Jarred we get lots of "Champagne" songs!! More of them are getting the finishing touches to be released soon for you all!!! Big Thanks to Darren Gilbert(Off the T-Can Studios) for recording the vocals for us, and to Trey Mills(OP3 Music) for mixing the track making it sound sparkly and full!!!! We were grateful to have received funding from FACTOR to put towards the recording!!! and a HUGE thank you to George Georgeadis for making us both look stunning in our new video!!!

Ok now time to contact radio :) #LOSS