Founded By Boy and Gurl

Boy&Gurl have created the Write2Dream Foundation to help subsidize funding for music writing workshops, inspirational courses and artist development scholarships to be made available to anyone wanting to explore writing, increase confidence, and to be inspired in a creative environment.

Write2Dream provides self esteem and songwriting programs to charitable organizations and schools talking about how music provokes feelings, emotions, inspiration and freedom. We provide tools to students to apply to their own songwriting experience as well as conversation around confidence and personal development.

In 2013 Write2Dream created an artist development scholarship program for young artists. This mentorship program provides the opportunity for young musicians to work with Boy and Gurl to nurture the craft of songwriting, record an original track, a professional photoshoot and guidance through the process of releasing a song in todays market.

Write2Dream is in place to inspire, educate, raise confidence and have fun with people who want to gain more from life via the arts. Many people see a block to success due to financial reasons, we are here to help take away that resistance and financial strain. The creation of the Write2Dream Foundation is our way of making the arts more accessible to people who would not ordinarily experience the joy and creativity of music.
Be Creative. Be You. Everyday.

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